Chief Moquiuix Unveils Multiples Tracks; “Radicalism” – “Irrational” – “Buenos Diaz” – “Los Vagos” – “Irrational”


SouthEast San Diego & West Las Vegas-based Chief Moquiuix is not your usual rapper. The artist has recently unveiled multiple singles and music videos, “Irrational,” “Buenoz Diaz,” “Los Vagos” and “Radicalism,” all pointing out at his skills and eclectic personality. His name is pronounced Mo-key-Weesh, and means intoxicated Shaman in ancient Toltec language.

Driven by his will to empower people and inspire his fans, Chief Moquiuix restlessly creates top-notch urban tracks that fulfill this very mission. His heritage and ancestral roots are crucial to him, as it allows him to extract a special kind of wisdom, lacking in today’s modern society. His understanding of metaphysics also helps him in finding inspiration through his own connection 

His unique appeal liest in his versatility and charismatic personality, whose revolutionary kind of Hip-Hop is a refreshing news in the game.

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