Kanye West Didn’t Release ‘Donda’ After His Listening Event And The Internet Isn’t Surprised

In recent years, Kanye West has proven himself untrustworthy when it comes to doing things on time. He routinely misses scheduled release dates for his albums and that spirit of tardiness even carried over to his failed presidential campaign. So, when a release date for West’s upcoming album Donda was “confirmed” earlier this week for July 23 (aka today), it remained to be seen if the project would actually come out on that day.

Typically, albums are released at midnight on their release date, so it seemed like West’s huge listening event at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium (which was of course delayed by a couple hours) would be a perfect lead-in to Donda‘s debut on streaming platforms. However, both fans who stayed up for the anticipated midnight release and those who expected to wake up to Donda this morning were left disappointed but not surprised: As of this post, Donda is not available on streaming platforms.

As it became clear that Donda isn’t out yet, the album title became a trending topic on Twitter as fans shared memes. These posts expressed disappointment, sadness, and bemusement as fans kicked themselves for not expecting a delay.

There are still plenty of hours left in this July 23, though, so Donda could still make its announced release date. As the world waits to see if that actually happens, check out some of the reactions to the album’s delay below.