[WATCH] Eight Bill Cosby Accusers Speak Out Against His Release In Joint NBC Interview

After legendary entertainment mogul Bill Cosby was released from a Pennsylvania state prison on June 30, many people expressed their shock and disappointment in his release and in U.S. legal system in general.

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Now, eight of the 27 accusers sat down with NBC correspondent Kate Snow, who followed up with seven of the women she interviewed back in 2015 when the allegations first surfaced, to express their feelings about the overturned conviction.

“I’m angry at the legal system,” said Victoria Valentino. “We put our necks on the line and then the legal system yanked the rug out from under us.”


“I’m feeling frustrated and upset because I feel like a bully has been let go,” added Marcella Tate.

Almost five dozen women accused Bill Cosby of rape, sexual assault, and sexual misconduct back in 2015. All eight of the women who appeared in the interview vowed to fight for change in the legal system, specifically changes to the statute of limitations on sexual assault.