Black Thought’s Audiobook Memior ‘7 Years’ Includes An Original Score And His Earliest Freestyle

The Roots co-founder Black Thought has had a storied career in music. He’s consistently lauded as one of hip-hop’s best lyricists and has even appeared in a few films. Now, Black Thought takes a trip down his musical memory lane in his new memoir 7 Years.

The musician’s memoir is released in audiobook format exclusively through the platform Audible. The book details his career highs and lows and walks the listener through his experience founding The Roots and playing as part of the house band on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. On top of that, the entire audio book features an original score by Black Thought and even includes one of his first-ever freestyle raps.

In a statement on social media, Black Thought wrote that 7 Years is inspired by his commitment to continuously reinvent himself:

“It’s inspired by one of my life theories that every 7 years I should be actively working to become better creatively, emotionally, personally, and mentally as my body also changes and new cells replace the old. So in this piece of words and music I’m sharing some of these key important periods that have made me into the man I am today — with an original musical score that highlights the very first freestyle I ever wrote to our @theroots classics to performances of some of my more recent pieces.”

Listen to a preview of 7 Years below.

7 Years is available now through Audible. Get it here.