Sharon Stone Was Seen Out With Masked Rapper RMR And Now People Think They’re Dating

Sharon Stone sure seems to have a thing for masked rappers. Last year, the Oscar-winning actress wore a prop mask from the film Gladiator while lounging around her pool — the same prop used by late, great rapper MF DOOM to hide his identity and cause mischief in media appearances during his career — prompting fans to wonder whether she is a secret DOOM fan.

Now, she’s made a few public appearances with another masked rapper (who has drawn DOOM comparisons of his own), generating a new set of, well, rumors. Stone and “Rascal” rapper RMR were reportedly seen at dates all around LA by Page Six, with the Basic Instinct actress donning one of RMR’s signature ski masks at hotspots like Delilah and The Highlight Room.

Page Six

Page Six posits that the two have been dating for “the last few months,” citing some of their interactions on social media as well as an unnamed source who said, “They’re enjoying each other’s company right now and hanging out. They’re having a great time together.” While that may seem an odd conclusion to jump to, considering Stone previously vented about being booted from dating app Bumble because no one believed it was really her, I can see why they could make that romantic reach.

Meanwhile, the news has sent some fans on Twitter into a speculation tizzy, as the seemingly odd couple draws a fair share of attention for the pairing. While some fans are just flabbergasted, others see a possible marketing ploy at play. Whatever the explanation, both celebrities seem game and they’ve generated enough rumors for the rapper to live up to his name. Check out some responses below.