Tyler The Creator Shares ‘Tell Me How,’ The Song From His Coca-Cola Ad

Tyler The Creator has shared songs with the likes of rapper-turned-hustler Pusha T now, he can confidently say they share something in common: They’re both Coke rappers.

[Ducks thrown tomato.]

Okay, okay, sorry. I know that was bad. But if you’re still reading, Tyler The Creator really has added Coca-Cola to his impressive list of brand partnerships. His new song, “Tell Me How,” soundtracked a new television commercial for the world’s favorite soft drink last month, and today, he’s released the full version of the song.

When the commercial first rolled out, Tyler naturally shared a few tweets to offer fans some background on the collaboration.

“That’s me playing the flute at the beginning,” he revealed. He also thanked the brand for the opportunity, saying that after getting over some initial skepticism, he realized he could elevate the form. “Thanks coca cola for reallll,” he wrote. “big love for the opportunity i was like ehh idk but then i fucking ran with it. commercials need sounds like this, thanksssss.”

The commercial represents a huge milestone for Tyler, who has completely transformed from the artist he was at the beginning of his career. Back then, brands would have been terrified to work with him and Odd Future; even Questlove was nervous they’d get The Tonight Show canceled (like, TV canceled. We weren’t doing Twitter cancels yet). Ten years later, Tyler is working with one of the biggest brands in the world — and very nearly becoming one himself.

Watch the Coca-Cola commercial up top and the song below.