Cardi B Has Deactivated Her Twitter Account

It looks like Cardi B fans might not see more of her trademark clap backs or Asian snack purchases for a while; the “Up” rapper has deactivated her Twitter account. A search of Cardi’s @ name shows a “does not exist” message and there was apparently no explanation or warning before she deactivated the account. It’s unknown why she deactivated it or whether the deactivation is temporary, but she does have 30 days to restart her account before Twitter deletes it entirely.

Before the deactivation, Cardi announced that she was closing in on finishing her album, so that may have a bit to do with it. The account was also infamous for featuring Cardi’s wildest thoughts and clashes with other big social media personalities, including conservative commentators who tried to take her to task over her uninhibited lyrical content. She also used it to tease collaborations and new projects, such as potential songs with Playboi Carti and Lizzo, and address critiques of her music and personality, such as the time she explained why her songs inspire TikTok challenges.

Fans can still get Cardi B updates on her Instagram and her OnlyFans, which she started so that she could address fans directly without outside observers jumping to conclusions.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.