Big Sean Shows Major Love To Nipsey Hussle In Their Motivational ‘Deep Reverence’ Video

Nearly eight months after initially releasing his posthumous Nipsey Hussle collaboration “Deep Reverence,” Big Sean hits the West Side with Hit-Boy to honor the late Los Angeles great in the official music video. The video sets a gorgeous acrylic paint portrait of Nipsey against a series of sunny LA backdrops throughout the neighborhoods that served as Nip’s stomping grounds. Sean himself performs his verses on the basketball court at Crete Academy in Hyde Park, which was created by the Venice Basketball League‘s Project Backboard, and rides around in a blue lowrider with West Coast legend Snoop Dogg.

Sean recounted the difficulty he had in releasing “Deep Reverence” as a single to his 2020 album Detroit 2, describing some initial skepticism from his label about putting the track out ahead of the album’s release. “My label (a few people there, not the whole label) thought it wasn’t smart to put this song out ahead of my album, they told my team I should hold on to it,” he tweeted shortly after the song dropped. “My heart and my gut was saying not only do people deserve that song right now, I felt like hearing nips voice, but his presence and the energy of the song itself was also needed and deserved its own moment! All the love n support y’all showing gave me confirmation once again to always follow my heart n gut and not listen to anyone more than myself. No such thing as losing when you do that! Hope y’all can do the same always.”

Meanwhile, Nipsey’s incredible impact was highlighted by Daniel Kaluuya’s recent Golden Globe acceptance speech, in which he drew attention to Nip’s philosophy of giving your all to your craft.

Watch the “Deep Reverence” video above.

Nipsey Hussle is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.