A Spanish Rapper Is Being Accused Of Amputating His Roommate’s Penis For A YouTube Video

Offset was right — they do anything for clout. “They” in this case is a Spanish rapper named Aaron Beltran, who is being accused of cutting off his roommate’s penis with a kitchen knife for a YouTube video. The Independent reports that the two men apparently had a mutual arrangement for the gruesome task in which Beltran would pay Andrew Breach, a British teacher staying with him in Zaragosa, Spain, between $240 and $3,000 depending on the video’s performance.

The two men were discovered when Breach went to the hospital for treatment. The doctors were able to reattach the member, then reported both men to the authorities. However, Breach later claimed that he was the one responsible for the amputation, claiming he was “unwell” at the time. However, authorities don’t believe the updated version of the story, and prosecutors are pursuing charges against Beltran despite the apparently consensual arrangement. Beltran denies the charges but is facing up to four years in prison as the case goes to trial.

An anonymous officer who spoke to The Independent is quoted, “When interviewing the victim in hospital he told us the accused cut off his penis. Andrew said he did not feel 100 percent a man and wanted to get rid of his penis. He agreed a deal with the accused to pay him €200 which would depend on how many views the video of the amputation received on YouTube. It was done on the basis of hits.”

If that’s truly the case, it was a bad plan; YouTube’s terms of service would see to it that such a video would be instantly demonetized and deleted.