Cardi B Is Reportedly Trying To Dismiss A Defamation Lawsuit Filed By MAGA Supporters

Last September, Cardi B went public with some footage of a group of Trump supporters in the Hamptons who were seemingly harassing her sister, Hennessy. Cardi labeled the harassers’ actions as “racist,” and they promptly responded with a defamation lawsuit. The rapper reportedly now wants the lawsuit dismissed, claiming they’re only going after her money.

It all started when Cardi’s sister Hennessy was looking to spend a casual day at the beach with her girlfriend. But then, according to Hennessy, she and her partner were approached by MAGA hat-wearing beachgoers who asked them to move their car. They obliged, but the altercation didn’t end there. Hennessy claimed that they were followed by the group and repeatedly told, “Go back to your own country.”

Cardi B shared Hennessy’s account of the argument and label them “racist MAGA supporters,” which the plaintiffs are using as grounds for the defamation suit. But according to TMZ, Cardi isn’t willing to go through with the case. The rapper reportedly filed a motion for a judge to dismiss the lawsuit because she believes they want to capitalize on the fact that she’s a celebrity. Cardi reportedly added that her heated words were just her “opinion,” and do not constitute defamation. “The remedy for thin skin is thicker skin, not a lawsuit,” the rapper allegedly stated in court documents.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.