Bobby Shmurda Gave A Reasonable Explanation For Turning Down A Drink At A Club Appearance

After nearly seven years, Bobby Shmurda was finally freed from prison on Tuesday. The rapper was welcomed with open arms by the entire music world including Meek Mill and Quavo. In just his first few days out, the rapper has spent much of his time in the spotlight. He even took some time to make a club appearance on Friday, and thanks to a video that was taken during the event, the rapper went viral after he turned down a drink he was offered.

After watching the video, fans shared their theories for why Bobby might not have wanted a drink at that moment, but only a few were right as the rapper gave an explanation on his Instagram story.

“Hell nah a n**** on parole,” he wrote in the post. Given that Bobby was freed from prison on a conditional release, it could be that one requirement of his parole is to refrain from consuming alcohol. The rapper also has no interest in risking a parole violation and possibly returning to jail as he expressed his wishes to stay free during a FaceTime call with Meek that was detailed in his profile with GQ.

“I’m done with that [jail] sh*t,” he said during the call. “I’ll be light-skinned in Jamaica before I go back.”

Another aspect of the video that caught fans’ attention was the fact that Bobby was wearing a mask in the club, something that we haven’t see too many celebrities do during their own events. As a result, they took to Twitter to share their reactions.

You can read them below and watch the video that caused it all above.

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