Black Thought Fans Rush To His Defense After A Controversial Tweet Was Shared About Him

Black Thought is widely respected within the world of hip-hop thanks to his lengthy resume of impressive contributions to the genre. He’s often regarded as one of the best lyricists to grace the game. Much of his work came alongside The Roots, a group that is more than worthy of respect as a collective as much as they are for its members’ individual work. While the greatness of Black Thought may be an undeniable fact to most, one Twitter user seemed to be a bit uninformed about him. As a result, a tweet they shared delivered a controversial take about The Roots rapper and one that saw hip-hop Twitter rush to his defense.

Responding to a tweet that said Drake could not be grouped with names like “Kendrick, Lupe, Eminem, Black Thought and J. Cole,” a fan of the Toronto rapper looked to share their opinion on the matter. “Drake is more relevant, raps better, has more success, sings better than all these people,” they declared. “Plus who tf is a ‘black thought’ or any of these irrelevant rappers. Another example of HHT searching up rappers who no one listens to [and] comparing them to legends like drake.”

As one might have expected, the tweet brought a flurry of reactions that condemn the individual for their thoughts. One person said, “Saying ‘who tf is a black thought’ should disqualify you from listening to hip hop let alone speaking on it.” Another added, “If you don’t know who Black Thought is keep that to yourself it’s embarrassing.” Even Questlove, a fellow member of The Roots, saw the tweet and decided to share some thoughts of his own.

“Lol at this Black Thought trend. Y’all gone learn one day——I don’t care if he is 83 years old,” he said. “Psssssh even then he will out rhyme anyone….lol——for all of y’all frustrated about Riq’s standing in the world…y’all gotta preach the gospel too. THAT’S how people learn.”

You can find some more reactions to the Black Thought tweet below.