MC Hammer Showed Off His Philosophy And Science Knowledge And People Really Enjoyed It

Perhaps you weren’t expecting deep talk from MC Hammer. And yet the “U Can’t Touch This” rapper recently shared an academic-style paper on Twitter that he said focused on the “visibility of philosophy of science in the sciences, 1980-2018.” After a follower tried to refute some of the claims he made in the article, MC Hammer expanded on his deep thoughts over social media.

Said Twitter user claimed philosophy is a “flirtation with ideas” while science is a “commitment to truth.” MC Hammer completely disagreed, which prompted him to write a detailed response. “You bore us,” he said. “If science is a ‘commitment to truth’ shall we [cite] all the historical non-truths perpetuated by scientists? Of course not. It’s not science vs philosophy … It’s science + philosophy. Elevate your Thinking and Consciousness.” He added, “When you measure include the measurer.”

After another user claimed his thoughts turned “Black males” away from science, MC Hammer doubled down on his stance. “Perhaps you read it too fast or comprehension is a challenge,” he said. “I CLEARLY and UNEQUIVOCALLY STATE That SCIENCE + PHILOSOPHY are compatible and I reject Science vs Philosophy. You are spreading non truths and disinformation. My support of STEM and Black in STEM is unmatched.”

Hammer’s deep thinking — as well as a long list of reading recommendations, including philosopher and historian Michel Foucault — caught people by surprise. Many showed love to the final part of his message: “When you measure include the measurer.” Many shared their reactions online: