Shordie Shordie And Murda Beatz Tell Us What Fans Can Expect From Their ‘Memory Lane’ Project

Shordie Shordie and Murda Beatz‘s Memory Lane project is slated to drop this Friday (Feb. 26), and they have already unleashed three singles from the project including “Doctors,” “Good Evening” and “Love” featuring Trippie Redd. Speaking with Uproxx, the super dynamic duo shared with us what else fans can expect from their collaborative tape and the special meaning behind its title Memory Lane.

Memory Lane. It takes us back. It takes us back to memories or real music,” Shordie revealed of the project’s title during a Zoom call. “Because I been picturing bro and hearing bro talk. It brings me back to real music. It brings me back to not really caring about streaming, not really caring about who got higher status this week. Nah, real music. Push out real music to the point that people don’t have no other way to gravitate towards it. They don’t have a choice but to gravitate towards it.”

“There’s not a lot of people who are really storytelling nowadays,” the Grammy Award-nominated hitmaker chimed in. “A lot of music on the project, like even ‘Doctors,’ he’s really telling a story if you really pay attention it’s like he’s actually telling a story of what he did and that’s cool. You got to appreciate a rapper in 2020 that can story tell.”

Needless to say, Shordie’s fans are hungry for the tape, which is sure to be filled with lots of melodies and vivid rhymes.

“It’s going to be something different that people wouldn’t expect from me and Murda,” the Baltimore native said.

“It’s like when you go to the IMAX theatre and you’re watching a movie,” Murda Beatz added before Shordie concluded, “Every song has a beginning to an end.”

Check out the full Shordie Shordie and Murda Beatz interview below.

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