Mixing Raw Talent With Inspiring Skills, Priceless Scott Delivers The Explosive Music Video “Drag On”

Shortly after having released her latest EP Pressure Makes Diamonds, Central Florida-bred rising female rapper Priceless Scott released an explosive music video for “Drag On,” one of the most captivating compositions of the EP. The artist creates a world of her own where she demonstrates her rapping skills, raw talent, and sensual dance moves while spreading fiery vibes. Already well-known and appreciated in her native Central Florida, Priceless Scott levels up her game, entering the global hip-hop scene. 


With the release of the EP and of the atmospheric music video for “Drag On,” the artist cements the base of her upcoming success, appearing on the pages of the national press and making headlines in multiple magazines. Every development of her career indicates that she can have a similar destiny as some of the most inspiring female icons such as Cardi B, Nicky Minaj or Black Chyna. Being passionate about her music and genre since a young age, Priceless Scott has both the talent and skills required to make it in the music business. But most importantly, she has a vision and has found her own straightforward style in rap, mixing old-school vibes with the edginess and groove of modern hip-hop.