Rowdy Rebel Says Bobby Shmurda Will Be Free From Prison In Less Than A Week

Bobby Shmurda has spent over six years in prison after he accepted a plea deal for conspiracy to commit murder and weapons possession. He’s been locked up with Rowdy Rebel and the other members of tghe GS9 squad since 2014. Despite being scheduled for a release in December 2021, reports arrived last year revealing Bobby could be released on parole as early as December 2020. He was later denied an early release. While Bobby’s sentence continued, Rowdy was freed and quickly began his comeback as he recently returned with the single “Jesse Owens” alongside Nav. Days after the song dropped, Rowdy returned with good news regarding Bobby.

In a post to Instagram, Rowdy revealed that Bobby will be freed from prison in less than a week. “SIX DAYS LEFT,” he said. “Then all the joy gone wash away the pain, I promise you brother.” The news reflects a recent report from Complex, which shared documents that claimed Bobby was being considered for an early release. Pending a behavior review by the prison’s staff’s Time Allowance Committee, the rapper could receive a conditional release that would allow him to leave his current incarceration next week, on February 23, 2021.

Bobby’s parole for a December release was denied due to past violations that included allegedly possessing a shank, fighting, and drug possession, according to court documents obtained by TMZ.