Almighty Suspect Flexes Like An Episode Of ‘MTV Cribs’ For ‘UPROXX Sessions’

A few weeks ago, UPROXX Sessions hosted a performance from rising West Coast superstar Drakeo The Ruler, once tabbed as the leader of a new movement in Los Angeles artists putting their own spin on the city’s gangsta rap roots. This week, another member of that lineage, Almighty Suspect, stops by to deliver a vibrant performance of his song “MTV Cribs.”

Like many of the members of this rising LA wave, Suspect raps with a jumbled flow that packs way too many words into way too small of a space, somehow forcing it to work through sheer will and undeniable charisma. It’s a style that LA outsiders have recognized and attributed to Blueface, but its origins extend much further back to the marble-mouthed cadences of West Coast greats like E-40 and Sugafree.

Suspect knows a thing or two about lineage and legacy, as his father is Rifleman, a fixture of LA’s battle-rap focused, underground rap network Project Blowed, which began as an open mic night established by Freestyle Fellowship’s Aceyalone and eventually became the city’s primary hotbed of simmering talent, giving quite a few stars — including Doja Cat and Kendrick Lamar — their earliest performance experience.

Watch Almighty Suspect’s “MTV Cribs” performance above.

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