SZA Says She’s Pushing Back On TikTok Teens Who Are Trying To Name Her Upcoming Single

After fans were buzzing about her recent single “Good Days,” SZA asked her listeners to submit clips to be featured in the song’s video. But the singer had actually never intended the song to be a proper single. She had first put a snippet of the track online, moving forward with it only after seeing the overwhelmingly positive response. Something similar happened with another teaser of a new song, which has since gone viral on TikTok.

Famous TikTok teens like Charli D’Amelio ripped SZA’s preview and made dances to the song. Because it’s not an official release, SZA hasn’t revealed her planned song title. Instead, TikTok teens have elected to name it “Shirt.”

SZA addressed the snippet going viral in a recent interview with CBS This Morning. She said she was surprised to see all the support the song was getting. “‘Shirt’ is super easy to remember and now every time I work on it in the studio I reference it as ‘Shirt.’ Some people call it ‘Blood Stain,’ which is very graphic,” she said. “Now this song, which I wasn’t even 100 percent sure of the placement on my album has centered itself on my album. Now we shot a video for it.”

But SZA isn’t content with letting her fans pick the name.”I don’t know, can we give that to them? I have to have some tiny choice, even if it is a pretend choice, so maybe we’ll call it something obscure, something bizarre,” she said.

Elsewhere in the interview, the singer gave a hopeful update to the status of her new music. “New music is literally on the way,” she said. “I haven’t slept, I’m coming directly from the studio right now. It’s 5 am. I left the studio at like 3:30.”

Watch SZA’s full interview on CBS This Morning here.