FKA Twigs Details Shia LaBeouf’s Alleged Abuse, Saying It’s ‘Pure Luck’ She Survived

In a new profile in Elle magazine, British singer FKA Twigs — who recently came forward to accuse former partner Shia LaBeouf of abuse — detailed the alleged abuse more fully and calling it “pure luck” that she is no longer in the abusive relationship. Among some of the more disturbing accusations, Twigs says that LaBeouf “strangled” her at a hotel, manipulated and abused her verbally, and knowingly gave her an STD.

The result of these years of manipulation and abuse was “pretty severe PTSD,” and left her wondering, “Do I jump out of the car at 80 miles an hour?” after the hotel incident. She denies that it was any strength of character or will that allowed her to survive. “I honestly wish I could say that I found some strength and I saw this light,” she says. “I wish I could say, ‘[It is] a testament to my strong character,’ or ‘It’s the way my mother raised me.’ It’s none of that. It’s pure luck that I’m not in that situation anymore.”

She also stressed that “It can happen to anyone,” and that realizing that many women may have been forced to shelter in place with their abusers prompted her to come forward. It wasn’t until after the strangling incident that she learned of the STD, after she experienced symptoms and confronted him about it. She says that he admitted he’d hidden his own symptoms with makeup and had also infected another woman.

Recently, Twigs has committed herself to recovery, saying, “I have my life back. I can work as late as I want. I can see my friends.” However, she also wonders, “At what point does Hollywood stop looking at money and start looking at people’s safety?”

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