DaBaby Explains Why Nearly All Of His Videos Are Funded With His Own Money

It’s no secret that DaBaby does things his own way. Exercising his creative creative control has helped him grow from an up-and-coming rapper to charging upwards of $300k for a feature in only a few years. But his success didn’t come without taking risks. One thing he’s been doing from the start is spending hundreds of thousands of his own money on his videos.

The rapper recently sat down with the podcast Million Dollaz Worth Of Game and talked about how he went the longest time without using his label’s money for big-budget videos. While he spends millions on videos in a given year, the rapper revealed his reasoning behind paying out of pocket:

“For sure, $100,000-$200,000 [per video]. For a long time, I didn’t even use a label budget for my videos because I wanted to be able to put sh*t out the way I wanted to put it out. I wanted creative control and sh*t. Especially coming in. I knew I was coming in so different. I don’t got time for motherf*ckers be asking all these goddamn questions about this and that and how I plan on doing this and that. Because if I got the bread I’m not about to wait on nobody, anyway. I just ain’t never been that type of n****, that’s why I hustle the way I hustle. I don’t wait for sh*t. If it’s some raw shit that I can get and they’re like, ‘You gotta wait a month.’ I’mma say f*ck it. […] I’m not getting better at that, with having more patience.”

Watch DaBaby’s full interview on Million Dollaz Worth Of Game above.