Cyhi The Prynce Claims An Attempt To Kill Him Caused His Brutal Car Accident In Atlanta

Cyhi The Prynce is more than grateful to be alive at the moment. That’s because the GOOD Music rapper was recently involved in a brutal car accident that he claims was caused by an attempt to kill him on an Atlanta highway.

He shared the news with his fans through an Instagram post on Valentine’s Day. “Today is a day about love, but in my city (the city of Atlanta) there’s no love here anymore,” he said. “A couple nights ago there was an attempt on my life… somebody tried to gun me down on the highway. I tried everything I could do to lose them, but they were adamant about taking me off this earth.”

He added, “They where shooting at me while I was driving and even after my car flipped, hit a pole and crashed into a tree, they came back and shot the car up some more.” The incident confused Cyhi so much so that he labeled the situation as a result of mistaken identity, an attempted robbery, or payback for an incident that occurred when he was younger.

“I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, and I have tremendous love for my city … but it’s chaotic out here,” he said further into the post. “I’m trying my best to keep a level head, but when you don’t know who is after you its hard to wrap your mind around it and not be paranoid. By the grace of god and my lord and savior jesus christ I am still here. I just want to let the people know who were trying to kill me that i am not a bad person. I don’t want revenge, I just want understanding and closure.”

The rapper then implored his followers and fellow citizens to be safe and to stop the violence in his hometown of Atlanta as he was clearly rattled by the accident and the events that led up to it:

“It’s time to stop the violence in Atlanta. I don’t have all the answers and I definitely don’t have the power to make it stop, but i do feel like somebody gotta step up and say something. So much love to every artist, label, hustler, and crew in my city pleaseee lets resolve our problems man. We don’t have to kill each other man. SMH thanks again, Atlanta. I wrote this letter to y’all with tears in my [eyes].”

You can view Cyhi’s Instagram post above.