Yella Beezy Arrested On A Weapons Charge In His Hometown Of Dallas

Yella Beezy’s Valentine’s Day weekend took an unexpected turn after the rapper was arrested in his hometown of Dallas on Saturday night. The rapper was reportedly driving through his old neighborhood in a bulletproof vest before he was arrested. A video shows Yella’s interaction with police officers, but at the time of the clip’s arrival, it was unknown what he was being detained for. According to TMZ, however, the rapper was arrested on a weapons charge, which Yella claims he was set up for.

According to the publication, Yella was pulled over after allegedly running stop signs. Officers then conducted a search of his car where they found the unlicensed weapon. Despite this, the rapper’s team said all the weapons that he owes are registered. His manager Adrian Low Brown told TMZ that Yella was driving through his old neighborhood to get flowers for his girlfriend just in time for Valentine’s Day when he was pulled over. Brown says the officers claimed they could smell marijuana from the rapper’s car, which he says was just an excuse to search the vehicle as Yella says he does not smoke.

No drugs were found in the vehicle, but they spotted the unlicensed weapon which he was charged for having in his possession. The rapper’s team is currently working to bail him out and they’ve noted that the arrest is a case of harassment by cops.

You can watch a video of his interaction with the officers above.

(via TMZ)