[WATCH] DJ Akademiks Claims Down Low Gay Rappers Are Sleeping with Music Executives

On a recent post on Twitch, controversial internet personality DJ Akademiks made some startling allegations while discussing the T.I./Tiny assault and sex abuse scandal, accusing male music executives in “Hollyweird” of sleeping with down low, male rappers.

Ak states in the video below, “There’s a couple of executives that I’ve heard are f***king the male rappers, and they’re male too.” He goes on to insinuate the truth to the rumor of a “gay mafia” in the entertainment world, adding, “I don’t want to get randomly killed.” 

Last month, Inspectah Deck of the Wu-Tang Clan made similar allegations, stating that he saw some “weird shit” going on at private Hollywood parties to which he and the Clan were invited.


See the full statement by Akademiks below.