G-Eazy Lands A Restraining Order Against A Woman Who He Claims Is Stalking Him

G-Eazy has apparently been dealing with a stalker at his Hollywood Hills home for the past several months. Thankfully, the bay Area rapper has just secured a restraining order against the woman who he alleges is creating the problems at home.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, G-Eazy filed for a temporary restraining order last week against Monika Andrody, who allegedly comes to his home to ring the doorbell and pace back and forth at his front door. When she does this, he calls the police, but he says she always leaves by the time authorities arrive. He added that the situation got worse back in November after she appeared at his house ringing the doorbell at all hours of the night, something that Andrody apparently did as recently as January 15.

The rapper said he fears that Andrody will appear at a public event and attempt to make physical contact with him. He also claims the rampant doorbell ringing from her has ruined the peace of mind he hoped to have at his home. While he was able to secure a restraining order for himself, he was unable to do the same for his now ex-girlfriend Ashley Benson. When he filed for the order last week, G-Eazy asked the judge to extend it to Benson, but the judge did not comply with his request. Despite this, a future hearing could reverse this decision.

The decision from the court comes after G-Eazy ended his 2020 with a deluxe reissue of his 2017 album, The Beautiful & Damned.

(via TMZ)