SOURCE SPORTS: Kevin Durant Lashes Out At NBA Over Contact Tracing Confusion

Kevin Durant wasn’t pleased with how the NBA treated his latest contact tracing and he wasn’t afraid to let them know it.

Durant was not allowed to start the game between Brooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors on Friday due to contact tracing rules. He was later cleared to play in the game and entered in the first quarter. However, Durant was pulled in the third quarter and removed from the game.

The NBA explained that Durant was tested three times in 24 hours, including twice on Friday, and all tests were negative. He was in contact tracing and originally not allowed to play because a person he was around on Friday was tested for COVID.


Durant took to his Twitter page to express his frustration with the league’s handling of his situation.

Durant has every right to feel frustrated with the league. The NBA’s policies when it comes to contact tracing has been inconsistent from the jump. The league needs to work on forming some consistency with its COVID-19 contact tracing so players like Durant don’t feel the need to lash out.