Future Is One Of The Early Adopters Of ‘Birkinstocks’ — Birkenstock Sandals Made Of Birkin Bags

Future has always been one of the most stylish rappers in the game, whether it’s making shoes himself like his collaborations with Reebok, or just adopting a new style before the rest of the world even knows it exists. He’s on track with the latter this week by sporting a pair of “Birkinstocks” which is exactly what it sounds like, a pair of Birkenstock sandals remixed and reimagined with the leather from deconstructed Birkin bags.

Earlier today the rapper posted himself sporting the shoes in a multi-slide grid post on Instagram, the ultimate billboard for a new brand looking to break into the hip-hop and style worlds. Designed by the tongue-in-cheek MSCHF collective, the shoe are because of the interplay between the low-brow, granola-hippie association of Birkenstocks, and the highbrow, ritzy nature of Birkin bags. ”

The shoes are also featured in The New York Times today, who previously featured MSCHF’s work when they dropped “Jesus shoes,” aka sneakers filled with real holy water. Clever! I get it. According to the Times, MSCHF are “the Banksys of consumer culture” and this project is simply another unapproved collaboration the brand concocted to push the envelope. “Birkin bags are like a cultural meme, a symbol for a certain kind of wealth,” said one of MSCHF’s creative directors, Lukas Bentel.

According to Complex, the pair Future is wearing cost $48,000, and the sandals range from $34,000 to $76,000. For those following along at home who are currently due to an economic crisis and want to go the more traditional route, I highly recommend the original Birkenstock, which never run more than about $150 a pair.