Bow Wow Considers Quitting Rap To Focus On Acting… And Joining The WWE

Plenty of kids dream of being wrestlers or rappers when they grow up. Usually, real-life gets in the way and those dreams evolve. However, for Bow Wow, he lived one of those dreams to the fullest when he was a little kid. With two decades of industry-shaking hits behind him, the named Shad Moss is now considering his next steps — and it looks like he wants to revisit those childhood fantasies in a very real way.

That’s right: Bow Wow wants more than anything else to be the WWE Champion. He also seems aware of far fetched it sounds; he’s a compact 5’7, but he was quick to point out one of his heroes who had great success in the ring despite his small stature: Rey Mysterio. “Now I know this might sound crazy,” he tweeted. “After I drop my last album. I will focus on tv and film, and joining the @WWE. It’s been a lifelong childhood dream to wrestle in the WWE!!!!” He also posited his dream title match: Himself and Mysterio against all comers.

His declaration drew mixed responses from the wrestling community. WWE’s Isaiah “Swerve” Scott seemed enthused, replying, “YOOOOOOOO bring the gawd over to the CWC!!! LEGGO.” The NXT Cruiserweight Championship is a division for wrestlers under 200 lbs. — perfect for the undersized Bow Wow to flex his abilities. Bronson Reed replied, simply, “Welcome.”

However, T-Bar, a newer addition to the WWE roster, undercut Bow Wow’s dream, saying, “It doesn’t sound crazy. It is crazy. Don’t make us destroy you.” He also twisted the knife, taking a dig at Bow Wow’s filmography as well as throwing in a callback to one of Shad’s many embarrassing social media moments. “Also Like Mike sucked,” he jabbed. Bow Wow remained unshaken, good-naturedly returning some of the trash-talk, boasting that “Like Mill is more legendary than you will ever be,” and seemingly accepting his unofficial first challenge.

The situation is remarkably similar to one between another rapper-wrestler duo. In 2018, Open Mike Eagle’s back-and-forth spat with Ohio Valley Wrestling’s Shiloh Jonze resulting in a match featuring wrestling icon Mick Foley. Could something similar be happening here, with Bow Wow’s exchange with T-Bar acting as an early promo, or is the Ohio rap legend — yes, he’s a legend — about to work himself into a shoot? He’s been “retiring” for nearly five years so take everything with a grain of salt, but stay tuned — which was probably the point of all this in the first place.