Rexx Life Raj Is A Full-On Desperado In His Western-Themed ‘Bounty’ Video

Shootouts, buried treasure, and horseback chases are all features of Rexx Life Raj’s video for “Bounty” which released overnight. Leaning into the song’s theme of being a marked man, Raj adopts a Wild West desperado concept for the video, riding a horse with a poncho and ten-gallon hat as he flees the law. Over the course of the clip, a card game gets belligerent, Raj practices his quick-draw technique, and he rustles a flock of sheep, all in a far-flung desert setting straight out of a Sergio Leone flick.

The Berkeley rapper has developed a penchant for executing high-low concept videos like “Bounty” over the past months, bringing his absurdist sense of humor to clips like “Bad Bad Bad.” In that one, he wears a futuristic safety suit as he tries out everyday activities during the pandemic, including playing a game of outdoor basketball.

Meanwhile, the indie fixture has been raising his profile as well, thanks to some high-profile placements that landed on TV spots and timely compilation albums. His G-Eazy collaboration “Bounce Back” was on ESPN, while he and Grammy nominee D Smoke worked together on the Empire records protest compilation single “Optimistic.” Finally, Raj released his California Poppy 2 EP, teasing more new music ahead.

Watch Rexx Life Raj’s “Bounty” video.