Saweetie And Snoop Dogg Hosted A Super Bowl Xbox Gaming Competition For Charity

Saweetie is a rising rapper with her hands in a little bit of everything and recently, she branched out into the world of gaming along with Snoop Dogg for the inaugural Saweetie Bowl tournament ahead of Super Bowl LV. Held on January 29 at Snoop’s compound in LA, the star-studded competition featured a showdown between the Doggfather and New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman playing EA’s Madden NFL 21 on Xbox.

In a press release, Saweetie explained why she hosted the digital football tournament. “Football is big in my family and this year’s festivities bring all of us together in support of a good cause.” She isn’t kidding; Saweetie’s dad Johnny Harper played for San Jose State University in the ’90s, while her grandfather played for the San Franciso 49ers before that. Saweetie also loves to talk about playing quarterback in a powderpuff league as a child, prompting her to boast that she may be more athletic than her boyfriend Quavo.

She wasn’t exaggerating about supporting a good cause, either. The event raised $10,000 in donations to the Snoop Youth Football League, while Edelman took home the championship prize: a custom, diamond-encrusted Saweetie Bowl chain (that sound you hear is 1,000s of gamers brushing off their controllers in the hopes of participating in future tournaments). Xbox released the video of the event today, which you can check out above.