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New Generation – New Methods: Rowe Rowe Released A Spotify Playlist Titled Chill Vibes

The new generation of up-and-coming musicians uses trends that previously were not even considered “cool.” Yet, they bring innovative ideas into the industry, and we couldn’t be happier about it. One of the most vivid and vibrant representatives of emerging artists is LA-based 21-year-old rapper Rowe Rowe who is also an A&R and artist manager. Recently, the young multi-talented creator dropped a Spotify playlist titled Chill Vibes, a home to 431 tracks from various rising artists, which got popular instantly, counting over 2800 followers since its release. 

It all started with Rowe Rowe announcing an open call for emerging artists to submit their tracks for the playlist, and he was not expecting to get as many DM responses as he got. He claims, “The talent that came across in my DM was amazing and honestly so many talented producers, songwriters, and artists. I am always receiving DMs on Instagram from upcoming talent and always take a listen, you never know what you will come across. I encourage fellow A&Rs to do the same, you never know who is in your messages and the magic you can create with them.” 

It is exciting to see that the new generation of musicians sees the industry as a platform for communications and creativity instead of seeing it as a battlefield for fame and popularity. Hopefully, Rowe Rowe will continue on his path with the same enthusiasm and infect others with his vision.