Jadakiss Will Voice A COVID-19 PSA That Will Be Heard On New York City Subways And Buses

Jadakiss has accomplished a lot in his nearly three-decade career, with multiple Grammy nominations, platinum plaques, and a classic album among his many accomplishments. Now he has a new achievement: Later this month he will voice a COVID-19 PSA to be heard on New York City subways and buses. The other voices that will be included in the initiative have not been revealed yet, but Jadakiss took to Instagram to share a recording of the recording.

“If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, please quarantine at home or seek medical attention. Thanks for helping to keep New York City safe,” Jadakiss says in the PSA, which he made sure to end with his trademark laugh. The announcement will start to make the rounds in New York City’s public transportation services starting February 25.

The initiative is led by film director and social media personality New York Nico, who also shared the news on Instagram, calling it his “most ambitious project yet.” Nico is known for the contest Best New York Accent, which he held last year, while people were in quarantine. It saw people from all over the state send in videos clips of their best accents, a trend that eventually caught the attention of the rest of the country.