Kid Cudi Is Collaborating With Bape For Some Limited Edition T-Shirts

Back in July, Kid Cudi teased a collaboration with A Bathing Ape (aka Bape), and now, he and the company are ready to deliver: They have a new t-shirt together, which will be available in two colors, both exclusively at the Bape Store New York Madison Avenue. They will be available on January 30 for the princely sum of $115.

Bape describes the shirts, “A BATHING APE® is excited to announce its latest collaboration with Grammy Award winning artist and previous BAPE® collaborator, Kid Cudi. BAPE® and Kid Cudi have come together once again for a limited edition Tee, featuring a graphic of Kid Cudi illustrated in MILO-style on the front, and New York City skyline on the back.

It looks like this is just a preview of Cudi’s future fashion endeavors. Just yesterday, he revealed that he plans on starting his own clothing, tweeting, “Finally startin my own clothing line. Been a long time comin and another dream of mine. More madness, true vision, freshness comin soon!!!” He went on to note that the first items from it will drop this summer and reflected on how far he’s come over the past few years, writing, “Man so much to do and see. Since 2016 Ive been climbin upward. Comin from rehab, suicidal thoughts, not loving myself, hating my life…to being beyond happy, loving myself more than ever, doin everything I always dreamed of. My angels been watchin over me. I am truly blessed.”