Tory Lanez Asks A Judge To End The Protection Order Preventing Him From Talking About Megan Thee Stallion

Tory Lanez wants the judge in his and Megan Thee Stallion’s assault case to drop the protective order preventing him from talking about the case, according to TMZ. Tory’s lawyers filed documents this week pointing to Megan’s reaction to a false report that the case had been dropped, saying that it was unfair for her to be able to address the case but not him.

At the time, Megan apparently believed Tory or someone close to him had released the false story to undermine her integrity, tweeting as much as Tory’s name trended on Twitter and his defenders began attacking her online. “That whole team figures out ways to create doubt with my story every week and the media eats it up,” she wrote.

While the source of the story was instead a fan gossip account misreading the LA County Superior Court website, Lanez still feels that this creates a one-sided narrative painting him as the aggressor (never mind how quickly fans believed the poorly reported story, which was shared by a number of publications despite the shoddy logic behind its conclusion).

Meanwhile, Tory’s docs claim he has evidence that he wasn’t the one who shot Megan, but can’t share it due to the protection order. He believes the optics will bias a jury against him before the case goes to trial.

This, of course, is only if you ignore the thousands of fans and numerous fellow artists giving him the benefit of the doubt, as well as his album Daystar released in the wake of the shooting going public in which he straight-up claims he’s being framed while also trying to profit from the situation through streams of the album. In the meantime, Megan hasn’t discussed any aspects of the case herself after explaining her side of the story in its immediate aftermath and refuting his Daystar claims on her sole Good News song addressing the shooting, “Shots Fired.” Tory’s also tried manipulating public opinion in other ways, such as advertising collaborators like DaBaby and Lil Wayne, insinuating that they believe his side of the story, despite his video with DaBaby never being cleared for release.

The next court appointment was moved to a new date, February 25, according to a Los Angeles District Attorney’s representative.