Puma And J. Cole Announced His Second Signature Sneaker, The Dreamer 2

Earlier this month, J. Cole took to Instagram to tease his latest release in his footwear line with Puma, which Uproxx confirmed would be called the Dreamer 2s. On Thursday, Puma and Cole officially announced the sneakers and paid tribute to his album 2014 Forest Hills Drive in the process.

In a post on his Instagram account, Cole said that he had to “get back on the roof” to unveil the Dreamer 2s, and announced that its first colorway will be called the “January 28,” a nod to both its upcoming release day and Cole’s birthday.

According to a release, the Dreamer 2s are designed to be worn on and off the basketball court, which makes them similar to the first shoe in this line — those were worn by NBA and WNBA players on Puma’s roster in their respective Bubbles last season. Unlike those, which featured a collection of colors on a black silhouette, these are more straightforward. They feature a vibrant yellow design with a black midsole, the RSD logo from the previous sneaker on the tongue, and Cole’s “Dreamer” logo on the heel. Puma also laid out some of the specifics of the sneakers, which has ProFoam in its midsole and took elements of the RS-0, RS-100, and RS-X.

The Dreamer 2s will retail for $135.