J. Cole Got Back On The Roof To Recreate His Classic Album Cover

Aside from being a defining album for J. Cole, 2014 Forest Hills Drive also has some of the most memorable artwork of the past decade; Even people who haven’t heard the album still recognize the iconic photo of J. Cole sitting on the roof. It’s been about six years since that album dropped, and now, Cole has once again taken to the roof and recreated the cover.

This time, he’s sitting way up there as part of a marketing campaign for Puma. Specifically, he’s teaming with the company to introduce a new signature sneaker, the Dreamer 2s, which he is wearing in the new photo. Cole shared the picture on social media and wrote, “Had to get back on the roof. This time with my own sh*t on. DREAMER 2. First colorway ‘January 28th’ available 1/28 online @puma and @footlocker.”

The shoe is set to retail for $135, and the first colorway available, “January 28th,” is named after the 2014 Forest Hills Drive track of the same title. The shoe is primarily yellow but with a black midsole, and Cole’s “Dreamer” logo features on the heel of the sneaker. Press materials note that the shoe is “a mid-silhouette intended to be worn on and off the court.”