The Far-Right Is Big Mad At Garth Brooks’ Big Belt Buckle For Performing At Joe Biden’s Inauguration

Garth Brooks, a noted Republican who hails from red-state Oklahoma, took the mic at Joe Biden’s Inauguration and called for unity with an A Capella rendition of “Amazing Grace.” Well, many in Brooks’ Republican fanbase are not pleased right now. No doubt, Brooks anticipated the backlash, given that he pre-explained his decision to perform at the event. In doing so, he told CNN that his performance was “not a political statement,” and that he truly believes that unity must be a priority in our divided nation.

“It’s not Republican or Democrat,” Brooks emphasized to CNN while noting that Jill Biden invited him to perform. “It’s a leader for whom I am the civilian of the greatest country on the planet.” Esquire quotes the country singer as further explaining, “I might be the only Republican at this place. But it’s reaching across, loving one another because that’s what’s going to get us through probably the most divided times that we have. I want the divided times to be behind us.”

Also, this definitely happened.

Needless to say, there will be resistance to the calls for unity, which was also the theme of Biden’s measured speech, in which he also stressed that there was an untold amount of work to be done to heal the nation during our current troubling times. Some will work against him, and they’re also working against Garth Brooks right now. He had to have known this was coming, of course, but Brooks persisted because, yes, it’s damn important for the parties to come together while our nation is reeling. Yet the far-right backlash has begun.

Granted, one of these people made it a point to mention his Parler handle in his Twitter bio, so there’s that, but once news of Garth’s performance surfaced, the predictable cries of “Garth Brooks is the Liz Cheney of country music” and “Boycott Garth Brooks!!” were heard. And there’s some Facebook drama, too.

For sure, though, there were even more messages of support. People felt chills while listening to Garth sing, and they were here for the whole mood.

However, if Garth was really wanting to send a message… well, this Twitter user makes an excellent point. A Lady Gaga duet would have made this moment even better.