El-P Is A Squirrel On His Adorably Bonkers Wedding Invitation

A staple of El-P’s Twitter account is his regular tweets featuring photos of adorable animals to help brighten his followers’ days. The Run The Jewels member shared another one this morning, of a squirrel cramming a peanut into its mouth, and wrote, “please enjoy this picture of a squirrel munching on a peanut.” That post led to an amazing reveal from El’s personal life courtesy of his wife, comedian and musician Emily Panic.

Panic responded to El’s tweet, “Your spirit animal,” and followed that with an unbelievable illustration (as she noted, by artist Meryl Smith) of she and El sharing a hug, except her head is on a peacock’s body while El’s is on a squirrel’s. Responding to the image, El revealed, “true story: this was the image on me and @aprettybigmouth wedding invitation. originally our friend wanted to draw me as a tiger or some sh*t but i told her i wanted to be a squirrel.” Given the nature of the invitation, one can only imagine how fun the wedding itself was.


El-P recently deleted all of his tweets, so sadly, his vast archive of cute and uplifting animal photos is lost forever. Still, this is a great way to start building a new collection, so here’s hoping that the content flows and that it prompts more heartwarming and adorable peeks into El-P’s life.