Kota The Friend Dropped His Fifteen-Minute Mixtape, ‘Lyrics To GO Vol. 2’

There must be something in the air tonight, because both Smino and Brooklyn rapper Kota The Friend (born Avery Michael Johnson Jones) decided to drop new music on a Sunday night instead of the standard late Thursday release. It’s always good to keep fans on their toes, and after a few empty weeks early in the year, it seems like once the projects start dropping, they start coming fast and furious.

Even though he dropped a full-length album, Everything last spring, along with the Vol. 1 counterpart to what he’s dropping tonight, Kota is back with plenty more to say just a few short months later. Yes, the mixtape may only be 15 minutes long with tracks that range between one and two minutes — similar to the format of Vol. 1 — but even within these micro tracks, he manages to pack a punch.

Kota began to tease the new release earlier today, while also commenting on his plans of “coming for everything” in 2021.

He also has plans for vinyl pressings this year, and celebrated an early win for the new tape — it’s reportedly about to hit the number one spot in the iTunes store already!

Not too shabby for a surprise release of a fifteen minute mixtape halfway through January. Stream the full tape below.