Lil Wayne Released Another Green Bay Packers Anthem Called ‘Green And Yellow’

Though the Green Bay Packers haven’t yet clinched a spot at Super Bowl LV, they’ve already won Lil Wayne’s heart. The southern rapper has an affinity for Green Bay, as he’s revealed before in multiple versions of a song called “Green And Yellow,” which usually incorporates elements of Wiz Khalifa’s “Black And Yellow,” a song that’s just seems to lend itself well to remixes. Though the Pittsburgh Steelers (whose colors are black and yellow) and the Green Bay Packers haven’t faced off in the Super Bowl since 2011, the malleability of Khalifa’s original anthem celebrating his home team has been adaptable for plenty of other teams along the way.

Tonight, Wayne shared yet another take on the track with his new version of “Green And Yellow,” and the song is officially dubbed an anthem for the Packers in the title. I’m sure he’ll be disappointed if they don’t make it to the big game and have the chance to use the new track as a pump up song — and I’m personally rooting for the LA Rams in their upcoming playoff game — but it’s still something for the Louisiana star to focus on other than supporting Donald Trump. Considering how his last bet went, let’s hope the Pack have more luck than his presidential pick, even if it does end up snagging him a presidential pardon. Listen to the song above.