Kanye’s Yeezy Brand Is Suing A Former Intern Who They Say ‘Maliciously’ Violated His NDA

A former Yeezy intern is in hot water — to the tune of $500,000.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kanye’s fashion brand is suing their summer intern, Ryan Inwards, for breaking an NDA that includes a liquidated damages clause he might have to pay the tune of half a million dollars. A filing today in the LA County Superior Court (January 15) cited the clause, a price tag on “contractual breaches” that let employees know the terms up front in hopes of total compliance.

Yeezy’s suit states that Inwards shared images on Instagram that were for “nonpublic” and still hasn’t removed them even after being with hit multiple cease and desist letters. An account on Instagram with the name Ryan Inwards currently shows no posts, so it’s safe to say the photos have been removed now — but it might be too little too late. Not only is Yeezy enforcing the initial $500K clause, they’re also suing for punitive damages and have accused Inwards of “acting maliciously.” They’ve also filed for an injunction that forces Inwards to turn over any images and bans any future posts.

I’ve had internships go wrong before, but this has to be a new level. Here’s hoping Ryan can figure out a way to make things right with Yeezy, before he ends up immortalized in song right alongside the cousin who stole Kanye’s laptop.