Gallant Tries Desperately To Win His Woman Over In The Heartfelt ‘Comeback’ Video

Gallant released his sophomore album, Sweet Insomnia, in 2019 to critical acclaim and now, the singer is returning to usher in a new era of music. Sharing his first single of 2021, Gallant teases his forthcoming EP Neptune with a video alongside the swooning single “Comeback.”

Drawing from R&B’s heyday in the early aughts, Gallant croons his heartfelt verses over a sparking beat. The video that accompanies the single is directed by Bennett Johnson and depicts the singer pulling out all of his best moves to try to win over his woman. After she rejects his call, he begins showing up everywhere from her TV’s infomercials to her car’s dashboard bobblehead to remind her of his worth.

Speaking about his inspiration behind the single, Gallant said the lyrics were compiled from his late-night thoughts:

“I put the lyrics of ‘Comeback’ together from pages of notes I had typed up late at night and saved on my computer (and didn’t really want anyone else to read). I was having some trouble finding a spark of inspiration and at the same time, I had these small bits and pieces of early 2000s R&B floating around in my head that I could never really turn into any good ideas. When I finally locked myself in a room and told myself I couldn’t leave until I made something, I looked at all these pieces in front of me and felt like, in a weird way, they might be able to complement each other. Eventually they turned into this song full of nostalgia and longing, where you feel like you’ve been there before and are desperately trying to get back.”

Watch Gallant’s “Comeback” video above.

Gallant is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.