SZA Asked Fans To Submit Clips For Her ‘Good Days’ Video And They Literally Filled Her Inbox

SZA wrapped up her 2020 by dropping “Good Days,” and now she wants to kick off 2021 by making a video for the single. She wants her fans help making the visual, and the response she got was overwhelming.

She shared a video and image of a piece of notebook paper that reads, “Y’all asked and it’s coming!! I’m shooting ‘Good Days’ BUT I NEED YOUR HELP! I decided that this is ALL OUR SONG AND I HAVE TO HAVE YOU IN IT!! SEND ME STUFF! I WANNA SEE your happiest, saddest, YOU UGLIEST moments!! I wanna see what’s been keeping you alive! What does Good days mean to YOU! Whether you’re crying dancing screaming or sleeping IDCCC SEND IT TO ME!!! I WANNA SEE ITTT!! This is about us as a collective. LETS GO. I love you -Lana.” She also included an email address to send footage to, [email protected]

She shared some guidelines for her fans to share the videos, writing, “RULES: for best quality DOWNLOAD ALL VIDEOS TO YOUR COMPUTER TRY NOT TO TEXT THEM . Upload files to Dropbox or another hi res link and send that. HORIZONTAL orientation is best !!! DEADLINE IS SATURDAY @ MIDNIGHT.”

After about three hours, the inbox of that email address she set up was apparently full. SZA shared a screenshot of a text from somebody that reads, “Whew chile. Right under 2500 submissions. The Gmail account is full I can add more space.”

Elsewhere, she noted that the video won’t be made up entirely of fan-submitted footage, writing, “it’s PART of the video .. jus part.”

All in all, this initiative lines up with the New Year’s resolution she made before the end of 2020 as it relates to her fans, when she wrote that she wants “better friendships 2021 so imma be a better friend.”