Sonos Expands Their Subscription Radio Service With Curated Stations By FKA Twigs, D’Angelo, And More

While most streaming services boast finely-tuned music discovery algorithms, Sonos Radio lets fans discover music directly through their favorite artists. With their new high-fidelity subscription service Sonos Radio HD, Sonos is aiming to expand their reach. That’s why they’ve added even more artist-curated stations to their new HD platform.

Teasing the new stations Wednesday, Sonos announced they will be hosting curated stations by FKA Twigs, D’Angelo, The Chemical Brothers, Björk, and more.

With her station titled Main Squeeze, FKA Twigs describes the kind of music that can be heard when it launches February 10. “As an artist I’ve always been inspired by music that creates a world,” she said in a statement. “360° visionaries like Prince, André 3000 and Grace Jones have always made me fall in love with music over and over again. I’m excited to share my station, main squeeze, on Sonos Radio HD because it includes all the amazing artists that have helped shape my world – music I like to get ready to with my friends, songs that have got me through heartbreaks, backstage nerves, and nights out. It’s great to have all this music that has touched me all in one place, I hope you like it.”

D’Angelo’s station, Feverish Fantazmagoria, is available for Sonos listeners to tune in on January 13. “This is a curation of sorts — a collection of musical expressions that I call Feverish Fantazmagoria,” he said. “It includes some crate digging; a lot of psych rock and funk rock in there, even some gospel and soul. Just a lot of incredible music that’s fun and inspires me.”

About her station, which is available February 24, Björk says she’s excited to finally share decades of music discovery. “I am quite thrilled to have had a reason to go through 21 years of music-file collecting,” she said. “Since my first laptop I have been cd shopping, awkward cassette finding, vinyl searching in secret stores on my travels and gathered them all into a library of gorgeous wave-files. It was only a question of time before I would share them and then in yet another form: them clouds and streams.”

Listen to Sonos Radio here.