SOURCE SPORTS: James Harden Likely Not To Be Traded By The Rockets This Season

It appears that the Houston Rockets aren’t looking to trade James Harden any time soon.

Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer reported on Monday that executives around the NBA believe the Rockets are growing increasingly confident that Harden will be content to remain in Houston at least through the remainder of the season.

O’Connor followed that sentiment up by saying that Harden still “prefers to be dealt,” but the idea of trading him has cooled off big time. The market probably cooled off because the Rockets’ high price tag seems unrealistic to several teams around the league.


Harden, who is averaging 26.0 points and 11.0 assists per game through the early part of the season, recently added two more teams to his preferred trade destinations.

If the Rockets play on the court doesn’t get any better before the March 25th trade deadline, Harden can attempt to ask for a trade but if the organization isn’t going to lower their demands for him, he most likely will be riding out the rest of the season in the H-town.