Lux Beauregard Paints A Contrasted 2020 Year In Debut Single “Fireworks”

The exciting new artist Lux Beauregard once mentioned, “I wanted to make a song that expressed that idea and sounded both as heartbroken and hopeful as 2020 has made me feel.” Her goal was definitely accomplished with her debut single “Fireworks,” a beautiful sonic explosion of an emotional mess. The song reflects the artist’s experiences in 2020: the world is falling apart, and still, all she cares about is love. 

There is a symbolic metaphor in the song exposing human nature in the best ways possible. We are all just humans with our small personal dramas and feelings of happiness that can be much different than our globally shared experience. Lux unlocked the layer of the line where personal and global blur together into an emotional rollercoaster, leaving us destroyed and confused. Still, the heart finds time for fireworks, and Lux expresses it delicately.