Cardi B Pledges To Stop Using Raunchy Language After Claiming She’s ‘Shadow Banned’ By Twitter

Though she shields her daughter’s ears from the raunchy lyrics she raps in her song “WAP,” Cardi B does not shy away from sharing explicit language on Twitter. However, Cardi is now promising to put all that behind her after claiming that she’s been shadowbanned on the the platform.

Shadowbanning is the act of a social media site blocking a user’s content from appearing on their followers’ pages. It’s meant to curb the proliferation of bots and spammers without their knowledge, but active users can also be accidentally targeted. That’s what Cardi B thinks happened to her when a fan account tweeted saying she is “on shadowban again.”

Cardi wasn’t happy about the news, so she decided to take the issue up with Jack Dorsey himself, the CEO of Twitter.

The rapper sent a voice memo to Dorsey, cheekily asking for his forgiveness in a faux-British accent.

Cardi then took it one step further, promising to stop using raunchy language on the site all together.

Cardi isn’t the only rapper who has gotten on Twitter’s bad side this year. Back in October, the platform temporarily banned Kanye West’s account for sharing a journalist’s personal contact information. The rapper was apparently outraged at Forbes chief content officer Randall Lane, who he labeled a “white supremacist” before sharing a screenshot of Lane’s phone number.

Cardi B is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.