Bobby Shmurda May Be Released As Early As February

Just months after Brooklyn rapper Rowdy Rebel was released, his fellow Brooklynite and GS9 member Bobby Shmurda may be freed as well. According to court documents shared by Complex, Bobby is up for consideration for early release pending a behavior review by the prison staff’s Time Allowance Committee. While he’s currently scheduled to be released on December 11, 2021, the conditional release may allow him to leave his current incarceration by February 23, 2021.

Although a previous review of his behavior while incarcerated caused him to miss out on early release in 2020, Bobby had his “good time” restored. If he can maintain that status, he can be released early and serve out the remainder of his sentence in supervised housing. However, that doesn’t mean he’ll be completely free; he likely won’t be able to have contact with Rowdy or any other GS9 member. Should Bobby try to resume his rap career, it’ll be complicated by the conditions of his release.

Meanwhile, Rowdy seems to be flourishing since his release, receiving support from other rappers such as Young Thug and organizing a toy drive in his hometown. He recently collaborated with the late Pop Smoke on “Make It Rain,” recording his verse from prison.