Watch Doja Cat Perform ‘Like That’ For The ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’ Show To Ring In 2021

Even if the world at large was a dumpster fire during 2020, for some people, it was still a monumentally important year in the arc of their career. One of those people was Doja Cat, whose hit “Say So” catapulted the pop singer to new heights, including a No. 1 on the Billboard charts, a collaboration with Nicki Minaj, and the kind of pop stardom that many people crave but few achieve.

Given her new status, it’s no surprise that she was slated to perform at the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve show last night, helping bring in 2021 with a live rendition of one of her 2019 tracks, “Like That.” Both “Say So” and “Like That” are off Doja’s Hot Pink album that might’ve been released two years ago now, but is still definitely getting a lot of attention. She performed both at the show last night, complete with an intense outfit change between the two. But since most people have probably seen and heard “Say So” everywhere by now, the “Like That” performance stood out a little more.

With a couple backup dancers on stage with her rocking white afros, the singer herself sported a white sparkly wig and an-all white sheer bodysuit strategically bedazzled with plenty of sparkles and a feathered skirt. With a very small group of people in the audience, all masked, Doja still kept the energy high. She didn’t say much to introduce the song but definitely happily shouted out “2021!” before beginning. Watch the performance above.