Jack Black Put His Own Rockin’ Spin On ‘The Mandalorian’ Theme While Wearing A Boba Fett Helmet

Never one to shy away from a pop culture moment that lets him embrace his inner nerd in the process, Jack Black has put his own spin on the now iconic music from The Mandalorian for a new TikTok video. While this latest musical joint doesn’t feature Black dancing in a Speedo to “WAP,” it does have the Tenacious D frontman busting out a rockin’ rendition of Mando’s theme while slapping on a Boba Fett helmet, and Star Wars fans are loving it.

You can see Black’s take on The Mandalorian theme below:

Black’s video arrives on the heel of another viral, musical moment from the hit bounty-hunting series. On Christmas Day, Robert Rodriguez dropped a behind-the-scenes video where he jams out on a guitar with Baby Yoda. Considering the little guy is a massive pop culture juggernaut in a tiny package, the video of Grogu bopping and grooving to Rodriguez’s guitar work quickly dominated Twitter.

As for the epic Mandalorian theme, that would be the work of composer Ludwig Göransson, who had the daunting task of creating a new Star Wars sound that could go toe-to-toe with the classic sound created by John Williams. Considering Göransson scored an Emmy for his work, and the theme is popping up left and right in viral videos like Black’s, we’d say he nailed it thanks to a unique blend of baroque recorder solos, drums, and a full-on sympathy that seamlessly mashed together the spaghetti Western and sci-fi genres.

(Via Jack Black on TikTok)