Blimes And Gab Set The City On Fire In Their Apocalyptic ‘Baptism’ Video

Fiery rap duo Blimes And Gab weren’t going to let 2020 go without releasing one last video from their acclaimed debut album Talk About It. But this time, instead of going for cheeky fun like the “Shellys (It’s Chill)” video or throwing a house party as they did in their lighthearted “Feelin It” video, in their new video for “Baptism” they bring the fire and brimstone, hearkening back to their days battle rapping and breaking hearts.

As the intro track from Talk About it, “Baptism” set the vibe early, letting fans know that these two artists are not here to play. The video is likewise deadly serious, as they march through the streets of Los Angeles dressed like the warfaring survivors of an apocalyptic movie while fire falls from the sky. They spit heat, too, with punchlines that land like bombs as meteorites do the same around them over the thundering drums.

Back in July, the duo told Uproxx what sets them apart and made 2020 their most successful year yet. “Part of our success has been from staying true to ourselves, and we both feel really strongly about staying true to ourselves,” said Blimes. “We both feel really strongly about dressing the way we want to dress, being comfortable, and sometimes that’s sexy. Sometimes that’s feminine. Sometimes that’s tomboy. Sometimes that’s comfortable. We know that there’s so many standards placed on women, and we really, really, really, really want to go against the external standards. You’re not going to tell me how to dress. You’re not going to tell me how I need to show up. I am the gatekeeper of my own personal comfort. I’m the gatekeeper of my own personal style. And so that’s really important to us in terms of being women.”

Watch the “Baptism” video above.